integra-iconBuilt by experienced industry professionals, a Powered by Integra solution ensures that your business is up and running within days. No software development, no office rental, no professional fees.  You simply pay the licence fee, get your sales team trained, then you can start trading, saving you hundreds of thousands of pounds in start up and administration costs!

integra-iconIntegra is not a software system – it’s a fully outsourced service delivery engine. You’ll have online access to your clients’ records and we’ll take care of everything else. Likewise, your clients will have online access to their records, but they don’t need to process anything, or do their own book-keeping. We’ll do that for them (on your behalf).

Because we’ve invested significantly over the years in technology and built our delivery engine, we can deliver this service to you at a fraction of what it would cost you to do it from scratch. And with several contractor accountancy firms already using our service, we know from experience that this works.


We’ve spent years, and hundreds of thousands of pounds, working with advisors from the Big Four, as well as Qdos Consulting and Aspire Partnership to ensure that the service we deliver complies with all of the relevant contractor legislation such as MSC and IR35. You can now access that knowledge & expertise and allow your business to benefit and develop as a result.


As well as providing the delivery engine for your business, we also offer access to a range of Partners covering contractor & freelancer essentials such as: -

• Financial Planning • Mortgages • Insurances • Contract Reviews & IR35 advice •

We can also offer consultancy support on Sales, Marketing and Social Media strategies to help build the business.